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Dog Collar Making
Jodie and Bo, the original Dazzle Hound

Jodie and Bo, the original Dazzle Hound, 12/99-11/09

Jodie’s Inspiration

Dazzle Hound Collars is as much about the relationship between a dog and owner as it is about finely crafted collars. Jodie started the company in 2014 to honor the memory of her beloved Rottweiler, who, quite honestly, did not fit what most would view as the typical Rottweiler personality. He was a lover, a leaner (you know the type), a teddy bear wrapped in a big, bold Rottweiler body. But it was his personality, and perfect to accompany Jodie—always an energetic, overflowing cup of joy.

Intent on pursuing a business dedicated to that special bond between pets and their parents, she developed Dazzle Hound Collars—a way to combine top-of-the-line materials with creative options to allow pet owners to customize their collars.  After all, who better to know your dog’s personality than you?

She began her passion project by learning the leather craft from artisans who make some of the finest horse tack in the business. Now, an established artisan herself, she uses the same first-rate materials. Durable English Bridle Leather withstands the weather and anything else your dog may get into. And the stainless steel and brass hardware is virtually indestructible. Most importantly, each collar is an expression of your pet’s individuality. Jodie’s custom leather collars are guaranteed to not only last a lifetime, but to give your loyal companion a comfortably fitting collar that distinctively defines his or her personality because you design the details.

Jodie with her newest inspiration, JT

Jodie, her husband Bret and newest inspiration, JT

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