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Dog Collar DazzleHound Collar

Letting Your Dog’s Personality Shine.

Handmade custom leather collars with your touches to express your pet’s individuality. After all, who better to know your dog than you?

Enjoy creating the perfect leather collar for your dog by browsing through the collar options.  Choose from stunning Swarovski crystals, marbled stones, solid brass or stainless steel rivets or Conchos that distinctively defines your dog’s personality.  

Have fun, be creative and know you are giving your pet the best leather collar!

Marbled Stone and Swarovski Crystal Selection.

I’ve handpicked a wide assortment of Swarovski crystals and marbled stones to customize your dog collar.
Black/White Marbled Stone
Purple Marbled Stone
Green Marbled Stone
Turquoise Marbled Stone
Pink Marbled Stone
Aurora Borealis Crystal
Capri Blue Crystal
Fire Opal Crystal
Pacific Opal Crystal
Indian Pink Crystal
Peridot Green Crystal
Fushia Crystal
Blue Zircon Crystal
Ruby Crystal

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